Pacu Borracha

This fresh water scale fish is part of the Characidae family, one of the most complex from Characiformes order. The fish from this family can present morphologies and distinct ecologic habits, because it varies from small to big size. The body covered by small scales, has a round or oval shape.


Thankfully pirapitinga are not as highly desirable a food fish and they are not heavily harvested in any organized manner in the Amazon basin. This fortuity enables sport fishermen to readily access them in their low water habitat. Also a migratory species, these broad shouldered and brawny fish often reside near fast current and are perfectly fit for such an environment. They have huge anal fins and extremely wide, thick tails. When hooked they use their powerful oval body against the current and make incredible heart stopping runs. With the force of fast water added to their own weight and power, they can be almost unstoppable.


The true giant of the catfish world! Known to reach weights in excess of 400lbs, way bigger than the current IGFA world catfish record. If the angler who dares to fish for these leviathans doesn’t use a heavy enough outfit with a strong rod and large capacity reel, a big Piraiba will strip 250m of 100lb in an instant. Once hooked this fish will make blistering runs over and over again until he is exhausted enough to be brought to the boat or beached. The Piraiba has an elongated grey body and apart from the long whiskers, looks just like a shark. It often ‘explodes’ on the surface while hunting baitfish, but generally lives in deep holes and pools in slower running stretches of larger rivers. You really could latch into a world record catfish. The question is, can you land it if you do?

Pousada Mantega - Amazônia - Brasil
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